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Being anti-social

A few days ago I deactivated my Twitter account and most other social networking accounts. It's not that I'm vanishing off the face of the earth or anything like that - I've just gotten disillusioned with "social" networking. It has grown to be a kind of addiction; I checked Twitter etc. far too often, to the point of it being a distraction, but actually it wasn't a lot of real communication, it was more like people talking at you. I didn't find much "social" value in the whole thing.

I still program Perl for a living, and it'd be nice to see Perl friends, for example, in Frankfurt next year.

About all those CPAN modules - I've looked over the 100+ dists that are under my name on CPAN and have found that most of these I neither use anymore nor do I have any wish to maintain them. Most of them were related to an older work project and are probably not used outside of that.

There are only about six or so dists that I'm really using and maintaining. There are a few modules that others have expressed an interest in maintaining - mostly the Dist::Zilla plugins - and I've given them co-maint.

So, it's no big deal; just curbing my "social" presence.

(Actually, let's see about that Twitter account - as far as I can tell, you can still re-activate it within 30 days, so maybe the addiction might win... :) )

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