pathed - munge the Bash PATH

I wrote "pathed", a tool to munge the Bash "PATH" environment variable.

The Bash "PATH" environment variable contains a colon-separated list of paths. pathed - "path editor" - can split the path, append, prepend or remove elements, remove duplicates and reassemble it.


Two comments, 1) the path separator is not always ':', see $Config::Config{path_sep}, and 2) are you aware of the Env module?

Marcel, I should have been more clear. Other platforms WILL use a different separator and `use Config; $Config::Config{path_sep}` knows what it should be. Further I can see that there are different aims, however, might your command-line app be well served by being a wrapper of the Env module?

Marcel, Env is actually a really small module.

Especially since it works on many different systems.

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