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Looking for Jeff Kim

I'm trying to contact Jeff Kim about his Net::Amazon::EC2 module. I have a repo on github that closes most of the open tickets on RT for this module. I'd very much like to prepare and upload a new distribution to CPAN and close those RT tickets.

Jeff, if you see this please email me: mallen at cpan dot org.


Writing API clients in Perl and Python

I recently released a couple of API clients for the file sharing service, one in Perl and one in Python. (I am just a fan of the service, not an employee or contractor.) I would judge myself an "intermediate" pythonista mostly due to inexperience.

It's a culture shock coming from a background of CPAN. The old joke is that Perl is just a life support system for CPAN and that is arguably true, but I am here to tell you: you may not app…

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