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I'm finally taking advantage of the co-maintainer bit that Yuval Kogman gave me last year and putting out new releases of MooseX::App::Cmd.

I <3/> XML::Rabbit

Just a quick note about how much I appreciate the work Robin Smidsrød has done on XML::Rabbit. I'm now using it on a second project, and the ease in which I can quickly build a set of classes and attributes to process XML documents combined with the usual Moose-y goodness is truly wonderful.

The first project in which I used XML::Rabbit, XML::Ant::BuildFile, is still chugging away and working well…

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

Thanks to the Philadelphia Perl Mongers for hosting my DB Critic talk last night. I got over my public-speaking jitters and it went really well, with great questions and ideas from the whole group.

Presenting DB Critic at Philadelphia Perl Mongers tomorrow night

Just a quick FYI that I'll be presenting DB Critic (née DBIx::Class::Schema::Critic) tomorrow night at the monthly Philadelphia Perl Mongers meeting. We're in Room 307 of Levine Hall on the University of Pennsylvania starting at 7:00 PM.

The life and death (well, deprecation) of a wrapper module

Earlier this year I was frustrated with Salvador Fandiño García's otherwise excellent Net::SFTP::Foreign package. It was in almost all respects the best choice for my current project at work, but the then-current version required me to check the return values of method calls for success or failure, and then use an error method to get any reasons for failure that might be waiting. The rest of my code used exceptions courtesy of…

My first module: Data::Compare::Plugins::Set::Object

I wrote Data::Compare::Plugins::Set::Object (blech, what a mouthful) a couple months into my job at GSI. At the time I wasn't sure what if any their policy was on open source releases, so I was careful to do it on the side and assign copyright to myself. I still haven't found an explicit policy beyond my manager's "just use your best judgment" statement. Maybe that's for the best.

It's a tiny tiny little module (less than 40 lines of code) that does a tiny tiny little t…

DBIx::Class::Schema::Critic and parameterized roles

I originally started DBIx::Class::Schema::Critic as a code sample for a job application, but I thought it was worth releasing and continued independent development. Inspired by Perl::Critic, it's a package for comparing relational database schemas against a collection of best practice policies using the DBIx::Class Object/Relational Mapper.

At mst's behest I converted it from the /users/mark_gardner/projects/index.html

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