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Using PowerShell is Like Passing Hashes in Perl

At first I was excited that Microsoft had created PowerShell -- a usable command-line shell for Windows. (I always have 4 Cygwin Bash windows up on my XP PC at work, and before Cygwin got stable I ran the MKS Toolkit version of the Korn Shell.)

Once I started using Powershell, I quickly became disappointed. There wasn't anything in PowerShell that I wanted to do that did not exist in an easily-consumable form in Perl. That would have been acceptable -- if it hadn't been for how slow PowerShell was compared to Perl or Cygwin Bash. As someone whose bread'n'butter for several years has b…

Moving my blog from use.perl.org

I have moved my blog to here from use.perl.org (Mark Leighton Fisher).

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