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Minimal HTML reflows with JavaScript and CSS

LOINC's RELMA tool can display HTML details pages for each LOINC. Unfortunately, we have an over 800:1 file size ratio between the smallest set of details (like the Simple Display of 13308-2, Deprecated DNA) and the largest set of details (which may be the Comprehensive Display of 45981-8, MDS full assessment form - version 2.0, with 627 LOINCs totaling 13MB (300,000+ HTML DOM elements)).

Debugging JavaScript in a WebBrowser Control from VS2010

You can debug JavaScript executing inside a WebBrowser control embedded in your .NET 4.0 application from VS2010 (Visual Studio 2010), but it takes a little effort.

  • Enable Script Debugging (both IE and Other) in Internet Explorer.
  • Disable friendly HTTP messages in Internet Explorer.
  • Enable Display a notification about every script error in Internet Explorer.
  • Modify VS2010 to debug Script from the Attach Process dialog. Please note that you cannot debug both JavaScript (Script) and .NET 4.0 code at the same time. (I don't know why.)
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