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Building Perl 5.16.2: Windows Madness!

I think it bears repeating -- on Windows with Cygwin, edit PATH to remove unfriendly characters like '(' (I'm looking at at you, C:\Windows\Program Files (x86)).

At least for me, this wasn't an obvious problem either...

pmtool-1.30 (Perl Module Tools) Released

I've released v1.30 of pmtools (Perl Module Tools) with these changes:

  • Moved to Git for source control.
  • Added a GitHub repo for pmtools.
  • Fixed Devel::Loaded to not include itself in the output (thanks to NEILB@cpan.org for spotting this problem). As long as you don't have files like 'MyOwnDevel/Loaded.pm', you are good to go.
  • Patched pmeth to flag constants (thanks to jpierce@cpan.org). Note that XS constants are not yet flagged (needs someā€¦
  • OT: Purdue Course Signals - An Early Warning System for Students in Trouble

    Purdue's Course Signals provides instructors with an early-warning system for students who are struggling or otherwise in trouble in their courses. And it works! Possibly the coolest piece of educational technology I've seen in quite a while.

    Vim - Creating a Macro Without Recording It

    Just as you can edit a macro in Vim by pasting it to a buffer and editing the pasted text (then yanking the edited text into the macro register), you can create a Vim macro by yanking (J. Random) text into a register then executing that register as a macro.

    (This makes it easy to play the home game, "Gee, I wonder what this line noise would do in Vim?")

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