pmtool-1.30 (Perl Module Tools) Released

I've released v1.30 of pmtools (Perl Module Tools) with these changes:

  • Moved to Git for source control.
  • Added a GitHub repo for pmtools.
  • Fixed Devel::Loaded to not include itself in the output (thanks to for spotting this problem). As long as you don't have files like 'MyOwnDevel/', you are good to go.
  • Patched pmeth to flag constants (thanks to Note that XS constants are not yet flagged (needs some C-fu applied).
  • Patched for basepods now in 'pods' in modern Perls. I guess the patch was from a CPANgnome, as there was no Requestor :(.


You should update that «VERSION => '1.00',» in your Makefile.PL though ;-)

This distribution has many things to fix. Follow the Kwalitee report here:

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