Importing the LOCKSS lockss-daemon into Eclipse

I haven't found any guidance on developing for LOCKSS with Eclipse, so here are the steps I followed to load the lockss-daemon code into Eclipse after checking it out from the anonymous CVS repository:

  • Create a new project (I named it lockss-daemon).
  • Select Use project folder as root for source and class files to make your life easier in the next step.
  • This will bring up the dialog Java Settings. You will want to use the Link additional source link with parameters like these:
    • Linked folder location: – Use something like LOCKSSDAEMON/src (my folder was C:\cygwin\home\lockss-daemon\src).
    • Folder name: – use org. This helps Eclipse put all of the files in Eclipse's idea of the right location (i.e. starting at the beginning of the package name). (Figuring out this step is where I had the most trouble.)
  • Select your project in Project Explorer, then use Build Path -> Configure Build Path with the External JARs button to get the lockss-daemon JAR files – my JAR files were at C:\cygwin\home\lockss-daemon\lib\*.jar.
  • Use Build Path -> Configure Build Path to remove, then re-add the JRE System Library to restore the correct dependency order (a fix found via

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