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Vim - Allowing "1 line yanked" on the message line

(To paraphrase Daffy Duck, "Ahh - terminology trouble!")

If you want Vim to always display the count of lines yanked or deleted on the message line -- like "1 line yanked" or "1 line deleted" -- you need to use the report option like:

        set report=0

Note that the Vim documentation for report does NOT mention where these reports are actually placed, making it impossible to just grep(1) for it.

Finding Your Google Code SVN Password

(Hopefully this post will become outdated soon...)

Google Code can use SVN (among others) for version control, even generating a password for you. Which is all well and good but currently you cannot see where to find that password from the home page:


To get your Google Code SVN password, you need to get to your Profile -- one way is to go to:



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