Installing sets of modules

In order to quickly install a set of Perl modules for a given task, it is nice to have some kind of meta-package serving no other purpose than pulling in a set of other more specific packages. Traditional ways of doing this with CPAN can be found in the Bundle:: and Task:: namespaces. Recent developments, however, seem to have put meta-package maintainers in a predicament. Technologies are shifting once more. In this article, I explain how I rescued my meta-packages with minimal changes.

The Math::BigRat Trap

rat tail

With the latest stable release of perl, v5.24.0, you could easily get trapped into using a problematic combination of math modules. Here is how, and what you should do to avoid trouble.

The Fuse Operator - A Suggested Language Extension

Perl 5 has become pretty stable, but there is always room for small improvements. I would like to discuss yet another "missing" operator. Its purpose is to make expressions handle some edge cases more gracefully. It could render some other extensions that have been suggested before unnecessary.

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