Bailador is still at its beginning..

...but it is becoming better from day to day.

In the time while I was thinking about what I should write about Bailador a new Github Issue was created. So I changed my mind...

Actually I just wanted to let you all know that I've released version 0.0.8 of Bailador today. I wanted to show you the Changelog and maybe I wanted to explain a few bits. I could've talked about Github Issue #169, because it appeared to be more work as I thought at first glance. I realized that some parts of the code in Bailador::App and Bailador::Route could be better and during refactoring I stumbled over After all I am hoping that I have left the code in a better state and the behaviour of Bailador is now more reasonable and consistent.

Now I am writing something else.

I rather want to confess that there are probably still some more bugs in code, that there are probably more things that you want to do with Bailador which are still not possible. But I also want to ask you to participate. Help us with our code, send Pull Requests to improve, let us know what you want to do, ask us if you don't know something, let us make your wishes come true and maybe join us on slack.

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