PHP has include(index.php); what does Perl have?

I've done a little more with Perl and web design, but I've encountered a problem that has left me a bit perplexed. There's something PHP does that I'm sure Perl CAN do, but I'm just not sure how. That said, I'm not a huge fan of PHP, and to be quite honest the only function I've utilized has been include(), which is what I need to replicate. As you know, being able to standardize a page layout (header, body, footer) with separate pages makes things much easier to update. Instead of correcting/adding a navigation link to twenty pages, you only make one change! However, using PHP within a Perl…

Hello, World. /cliché

I've only recently taken on the tremendous task of learning Perl (with the aide of O'Reilly's Learning Perl). I have a little background in programming as I am a Computer Engineering & Computer Science student at the Florida Institute of Technology. Actually, I was a student there. I can't quite afford it at this point, and I'm going to attempt to transfer elsewhere (UCF, USF, UF? Something with a U and an F, I'd suppose).

Well, on to something a bit more on-topic. I'm midway through Chapter 5 in Learning Perl and I felt the need to create something that th…

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user-pic I blog about the dumb little things I'm doing with Perl. I am by no means an expert; if you find that I've done something wrong or in a poor fashion, please correct me! I appreciate any and all knowledge you'd care to part with :)