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Pumpkin Perl Patchset

The blog post.

The github repository


A perl of your own

Want per project perl defaults that save boilerplate? You want your perl - you want myperl.

Pumpkin Perl Breakdown

Enough broad strokes.

You can find the initial outline and rationale for my proposal here, and my response to the comments and suggestions I got following it here.

And now, here's a breakdown of the what, the why and the how, so that we can make a proper start at turning this from an idea into a concrete reality.

All comments are, as always, very much welcome.…

Pumpkin Perl - Redux

And lo, did I write a blog post proposing we rename perl5 to Pumpkin Perl, and lo, did people make lots of comments here, and on IRC, and by other means.

And lo, have I just spent the last three hours going through them all and trying to produce some sort of coherent response to all the various points that people raised.

And lo, here is the result of those three hours, in which I have attempted to cover every important comment and objection I've…

Names and Numbers, Brand and Identity

I've just put a post up on my shadowcat blog talking about where the 'perl 7' meme came from, why it's a terrible idea, and suggesting what we should do instead.

tl;dr - Pumpkin Perl!

This post exists to provide somewhere for people to comment that isn't Hacker News or reddit; I've cross linked it from the end of the blog post itself so hopefully people who want to discuss the idea will find their way here.

(if you haven't seen, there's already been ="http://shadow.cat/blog/matt-s-trout/pumpkin…

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