A perl of your own

Want per project perl defaults that save boilerplate? You want your perl - you want myperl.


Syntax::Collector is similar.


1. Do you plan to add support for boilerplate besides "use"? E.g. the "1" at the end of all pm files and "__PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable;" as often the sane default in Moose?

2. I understand and applaud your effort to sidestep the discussion while concentrating on the "Pumpkin Perl" discussion. But while I agree that deciding on defaults is more difficult than herding cats, I can't help feeling that what this module really does is just making the boilerplate higher-level, not getting rid of it. At the end, it will be there in the released code
Java "fixed" the problem by creating good IDE's to make it easy to autogenerate repetitive and verbose code constructions (==boilerplate). Reading "Map map = new HashMap" still hurts my eyes.

Anyway, thanks for actively thinking about Perl's future.


Funny on how the comment system ate my java generic example :) Imagine a "String, String" with less and more than on both sides of the statement :)

Hmm. I'll have to look to see if I can use that to improve my 'everywhere' module. It is a pretty similar concept, except that 'everywhere' is designed to be used in your top-level wrapper script on a per-application basis.

Never heard of "use true". Thx. The idea looks interesting.

To nitpick: there are a lot of (potentially well written) admin/devops-code there that does not have a proper cpan project structure. It may be bad, but it's certainly a real world scenario, even for people writing modern Perl. I think specifically of longer nagios plugins, and the like. I guess it's impossible to make everyone happy, but it good to know what the limitations are.


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