More bad hardware developments

I was looking at buying a Nokia N900, as I like the Nokia telephones very much and have been a user of the Nokia Communicator 9300 and currently use an E71. The N900 could have been a great platform as it promises full userland programmatical access to all APIs. Except that the Maemo 5 platform is basically dead with the announcement of the MeeGo joint venture between Nokia and Intel. As MeeGo uses RPM instead of the Debian packaging format, it's highly unlikely that backports of applications or OS fixes will be available for any time longer than 1 year or so. And the software is a big part of the phone, as I don't want to write all software for my phone myself.

So, another EUR 450 saved to spend on other toys. Maybe Debian decides to support the N900 on their own, as it's an ARM platform. That would then make me interested again, as the Nokia hardware was good enough so far.

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