App-ffeedflotr - plot using Firefox and flot

Sometimes, I want a pretty plot of data. Excel is not always the tool of choice,
especially when the data to plot is something like running progress of a (Perl) script I wrote,
or the output of

while /bin/true done; ls $file ; sleep 1; done

Inspired by feedGnuplot , I wrote, which takes data and plots it in Firefox. So far, it is not really configurable. But as I have the API blueprint of `feedGnuplot`, I can easily/conveniently adapt it to the featureset.

One nasty thing I found is that Firefox does not like to execute Javascript that comes from `data:` URIs. I suspect this is due to security concerns, but it means that I have to find a sneakier way to load custom HTML into Firefox, preferrably avoiding a tempfile. Things that I've tried so far are named pipes - Firefox does not like reading from these either, likely due to the same or similar security concerns.

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