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Dear lazyweb,

Since trying to hide from the cloud, I've solved my problem of synchronizing address books and calendars with my home machine through (paid) Android CalDav adaptors and Davical. What I'm now looking for is a nice RSS reader to supply me with well-prepared information during my daily subway ride.

Currently I (ab)use the undermentioned Google Currents app, which surprisingly can read and digest RSS (and/or Atom) feeds. It works well on my Android tablet, and it renders the various websites I subscribe to surprisingly well too. For the desktop, I just use Thunderbird to collect my RSS feeds.

My ultimate goal is to emancipate myself from Google and to have centralized and synchronized RSS feeds. To me, the ideal solution would be an rss to email converter that sends mail to an IMAP account on my local server. jwz had a similar problem, but it seems he's solved it without involving mail.

So far, I'm aware of two (Perl based) approaches to this problem:

  • Feeder, as recommended by Jesse Vincent. This one really wants to write to a maildir, instead of sending mail.

  • rss2leafnode. This one really wants to write to a leafnode NNTP directory.

I'm not sure if I'm missing obvious solutions, but it shouldn't be that hard to just send mail to a preconfigured account, but none of the solutions I found do just that.

Maybe I should roll my own, but I think people should already have done the four steps before me:

  1. Consume RSS

  2. Fetch real content+media from the linked page in case the RSS feed is some crippled version (very much like App::scrape)

  3. Format the content in a local, simple style, convenient for reading on a tablet

  4. Send HTML mail with that content (or, render it to a file, or via leafnode, or via maildir, or ...)

I am really not interested in any "service", "website" or whatever. Please do not recommend such, as I don't want to channel my inner jwz here.


Check out

* rss2email
* feed2imap
* tinytiny-rss

It would not be particularly complicated to get Feeder to send email instead of writing to a maildir: you just write a role to do that. It would be like Feed::Role::MailDir, but instead of using Maildir::Lite, it would directly send the message produced by Feed::HelperRole::Mail::entry_to_mime by calling ->send on it.

I wrote Feeder as a simpler replacement for Plagger, and although it is definitely less flexible, it's simple enough to extend.

The main reason I write to maildirs directly is that I like having feeds grouped in folders, and I did not want to have that configuration split between Feeder and procmail.

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