Perl in your Pocket (Android)

I put off my talk submission for the German Perl Workshop for some time, mostly because I was not satisfied with the ideas and code I had. But I just submitted my talk proposal, which is to show how to compile and use Perl on Android. The Perl documentation seems quite simple and using it and the documentation online led me to an almost working Perl. What really surprised me was how fast my (Snapdragon 801-powered) phone was at compiling Perl.

The talk will touch compiling a custom Perl, platform peculiarities of Android, using modules from CPAN (and patching them so they work on Android), and hopefully also a working program to tunnel DLNA from my home network to the network where my phone currently is present.

I hope that I can change the talk from being a presentation to something that has a bit of workshop to it, but I'm not yet sure how to best integrate the audience. Maybe I can convince people with a rooted phone to compile Perl on their phone before the talk starts...

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Have you had the Perl Workshop yet. If so, is there a video which I can watch ?


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