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Deutscher Perl-Workshop 2017 - Call for Participation

The 19th German Perl Workshop will take place in roughly two months time in Hamburg. The German-speaking Perl Community will meet from the 26th to the 28th of June 2017 in the "Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg".

Virtual Spring Cleaning Interlude, in which I could do more for Perl

Do not ask what Perl can do for you, ask what you can do for Perl!

In my effort to bring the new signature back to older versions of Perl, I'm maintaining Filter::signatures, a source filter that simply converts the signatures to the equivalent old-style Perl code. That filter works surprisingly well for its simplicity and has caused very little in problems.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 2 of XX) - in which I implement fun parts of Excel

I don't mind working with Spreadsheets. Much of my work consists of creating Spreadsheets from SQL queries. Sometimes, the resulting spreadsheet should be a pivot table, listing some values across the spreadsheet. For most of my Spreadsheet-generation needs, Querylet is sufficient, but it cannot create pivot tables.

Virtual Spring Cleaning Interlude: A herd of yaks, all waiting to be shaved

In my long-term quest to host all of my data on my systems, one of the major points is to replace the note-taking app Google Keep with something that allows me to take my notes back to me. I've looked at various open-source apps for taking and synchronizing notes, but they either feel like overdesigned monsters that don't fit my workflow (Laverna) or don't have good synchronization from mobile phone to the server.

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 1 of XX / 2017) - in which I hear CPANs call

Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 1 of XX / 2017) - in which I look who's calling

I really like the products by AVM, especially their Fritz!Box line of VoIP+DSL modems. For a long time, I've wanted to synchronize my CardDAV contacts from my server to my Fritz!Box, so that the reverse number lookup works on my landline as well as my mobile phone.

Virtual Spring Cleaning Prelude: What I did, and what hasn't happened so far

While trying to get some more of my modules ready for release, I've been doing drive-by patches to CPAN modules that I used for various reasons. While I'm not exactly enthused about throwing a patch with a testcase over the fence, I think it's still far better to have the problem and solution in some bug tracker somewhere than having it only on my hard drive.

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