Milecore is NOT associate with, any SEO spam Activities

Hello all,

This post is to clarify about previous negative post about Milecore Technologies. We think we have rights to clarity the right things if some one try to spoil our Reputation.

At Milecore there were some employees are doing unethical work against the company policy and also did stolen some clients important data therefor they got terminated from the company and they hack our IDs and hire some SEO spammers to take revenge of their termination and did spam posts on some of the scam sites to harm Milecore's reputation.

Therefor we as Milecore announce that the post you read about milecore here on this blog says "Milecore are, or associate with, SEO spammers" where some SEO spam activities introduce are not did by our TEAM or any member of Milecore..

We are very trusted, ethical and reputed IT company whose goal is to give satisfaction to their clients by doing very hard work along with positive ethics, We have more than 1500 satisfied clients base and more then 60 satisfied employees team. What ever we did with those employees are just to stick with our company policy and being a company nobody will allow their employees to mass with policy.

Milecore is (& will) always dedicated towards ethic works only.

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