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OT: Switching the MySQL replication Master

This is one of those blog posts where I (ab)use to document some notes, primarily for myself ...

  • Server A : is the old "Master"
  • Server B : is the new "Master" (a rebuild of A) and for a transition period is replicating from A until it is promoted to the main Master and A can be switched off.
  • Server C : currently replicates from A, however we want to instead move it to replicate from B in advance of replacing A with B.

BPO Meta : UserPics, API Passwords & Site Build notes

It's been reported that UserPics are broken. I don't agree.

First login to

Then click the link to your user preferences. (Click the images to get the fullsized versions that aren't "squished")

(update: an existing issue that isn't fixed is that some markup in the body of a post will show up incorrectly on the homepage because MT is truncating the post for the homepage, and clips the post badly half way through, leaving gargbage on th…

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