fresh perlbrew sugar

A fresh new version of perlbrew is out that incorporates some sweet new sugar via arc:

perlbrew install --switch stable

Which expands as:

  • Install the "latest stable" Perl - don't make me think about version numbers ;)
  • When you're done, switch to it

It is just sugar, but it makes a one-liner out of what used to be:

  • Figure out what the latest stable version of Perl is.
    • Think about here: "those outside the echo chamber"
  • perlbrew install perl-5.16.2
  • perlbrew switch perl-5.16.2

More usefully for my (planned) purposes, I can write documentation targetted to outside the echo chamber that ensures both:

  • those reading it will always get the latest stable version of Perl, and
  • I won't have to bump the docs every time a new release is rolled.

Go lazy!

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You should have mentioned that we can run perlbrew self-upgrade to get it. We're too lazy to run perlbrew help! :)

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