Monthly Report - March

Celebration time ...

The month of March is very special to me. It was in this month 2 years ago, I started my dream project The Weekly Challenge (a.k.a. Perl Weekly Challenge).

For Team PWC, it was back to back celebrations. We celebrated 100th week challenge in February first followed by completion of 2 years in March. In fact fo…

Monthly Report - February

Back to school ...

Apology for the delay in monthly report, usually I get it released on first day of the month.

Last month was the shortest month of the year as you all know, so getting things done became relatively harder.

What is in store this time?

Well, there were two things that took away all the attentions.

500th edition of Perl Weekly newsletter

I have been a regular reader of the weekly newsletter for many years now…

Monthly Report - January

Let's look at the brighter side ...

Did you have chance to read my annual report?

I have been doing monthly report for many years now.

Why? What is the point?

Well, let me answer the first question, Why? To be honest with you, I do it to keep myself motivated. I need some kind of (self) motivation to carry on what I do on a daily basis…

Annual Report - 2020

Lets wipe out the memory of 2020

Am I bitter about 2020?

No, not at all. I like to find happiness in every little things in life. It is an art that I am still learning. I am writing this as a part of my monthly routine sharing last month activities. However this is special as it also has overall annual report of the year 2020.

I am embarassed looking back what I had planned at the start of the year.

Do I have any plan for 2021?/var/www/users/mohammad_s_anwar/index.html

Monthly Report - November

Welcome last month of the year 2020

Generally, I always look forward to festive month, December. But I don't expect it to be any different from other months, unfortunately.

With so much going on in my personal life, it is hard to focus on anything. One thing that I really miss these days are personal time. I am constantly working on it with the help of experts in the field. I try to look at the positive side of the life but I can't ignore the fact I am not giving 100% to my pe…