The Weekly Challenge - 1000 days

Monthly Report - October

In the festive mood again ...

The festive season began already and I miss celebrating festivals with family and friends. But this is nothing new, I should get used to it now. Still sometimes it hurts really bad after all we are humans. In the past, we tried to be with family during festive season. The truth is it didn't feel the same. I don't know why. Could it be we are no longer carefree souls? But that can't be true. I have seen some of my friends on ="https://www.facebook.c…

Monthly Report - September

Finally enjoying again ...

The month of September is very special to me personaly.


Well, I got married in the very same month 18 years ago. The best part is, I choose the day 11 to get married. I have never missed my wedding anniversary, thanks to all the TV news channel.


On the day, every year I find every TV news channel talk about 9/11 episode. It works lik…

Monthly Report - August

Finally enjoying again ...

Ever since I joined Oleeo, I keep talking about it in every monthly report.


Well, right from day one, I have been getting to work on something I never worked on before. To be honest with you, I was expecting to fight with good old CGI ridden code mostly. I find myself lucky to have such a great supporting team. Right now I am playing with Elastic Search/var/www/users/mohammad_s_anwar/index.html

Monthly Report - July

Never been so busy ...

The guilt is killing me every time I delay the monthly report. I finally found time to get this out on 22nd day of the month where I would do that on the very first day of the month in the past.

Life can be challenging at times, balancing personal and professional aspect can be difficult, I must confess.

In all of these up and down, I have to keep myself motivated and find ways to stay happy.

I try to avoid negative thoughts coming on my…

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