Perl Weekly Challenge && Damian Conway

I have been a big fan of Damian Conway ever since I bought his book "Perl Best Practices". With the recent regular blog by him about various tasks from the Perl Weekly Challenge showed us really interesting aspects of the task. The one he blogged, Vigenère vs Vigenère last was really special about Vigenere Cipher. I must admit I didn't know half of what he shared in the blog. I wonder how many knew the Vigenere Cipher…

Super 30 - Anand Kumar

Some of you, who know me personally, knows my background and how I managed to reached London in 2000. For others, I belong to a state called Bihar, in India. I was born and raised in the city of Jamshedpur. A city built by Tata. Who Tata? They are well respected Industrial group.

I still remember, outside of Bihar, people don't treat us well if they know you are from Bihar. I can tell you from my own experience when I moved to Mumbai (Bombay) in the year 1997. Because of this, people from Bihar don't disclose their identity. Recently some parts of Bihar got separated and created a ne…

Meet The Champion - Joelle Maslak

As a part of weekly series "Meet The Champion", we are talking to the last week winner Joelle Maslak.

Perl Weekly Challenge - Meet The Champion

We have started weekly series "Meet The Champion" where we would speak to the winner of the "Perl Weekly Challenge". So far we have had two winners. Please checkout the interviews with the champions.

Please let us know if we missed anything.

Monthly Report - June

Last month I was mostly involved with the "Perl Weekly Challenge". I didn't get any spare time to do anything else. Weekends were mostly busy with preparing weekly challenge. Then recap of every Perl5 solutions of previous week. It becomes even busier when I am working on Perl Weekly newsletter in that week. As the team growing, it is not going to be any easier. Luckily I have got help from Kian-Meng Ang who does the Perl5 code review every week.

We also started pickin…