Top 15 Achievements in the year 2018

1) German Perl Workshop 2018

For the first time ever, I attended any Perl Workshop other than London Perl Workshop. I submitted 2 talks for the event and they both were accepted. I attended 2 days of the 3-days event and met so many great personality in one place. I made many friends for life. It would be unfair to name them here. They know who I am talking about.

2) Perl Weekly Newsletter

I joined the elite panel of co-edit…

Monthly Report - December

Happy new year to my fellow hackers. As you all know, December is always known for "24 Pull Request" and "Advent Calendars" mostly but I would like to dedicate it as "Farewell Month for Pull Request Challenge". Today, being the first day of the year 2019, I am already missing the "Pull Request Challenge". The void is going to be filled with to some extent by the hard work of Kivanc as "Pull Request Club". If you haven't joined the club then please do join

Continued contribution to CPAN ecosystem: secret?

Here are the real people who accepted my contributions and motivated me to carry on. I have compiled some really nice comments to help me when ever I feel low.

Distribution: Mojolicious::Plugin::NoReferrer
Author: Renee Baecker (RENEEB)
Pull Request: #1

Distribution: DBD::mysql
Author: Michiel …

Monthly Report - November

I would like to dedicate November 2018 to the London Perl Workshop 2018. The main focus was LPW, being member of LPW Organizers. Lots of preparation went in the background to make it such a successful event. Kudos to all fellow members, community members and sponsors.

Two things are common in every monthly report and I can't live without it. One, submitting Pull Request as many as possible and second daily uploads to CPAN, as of today, 1st December 2018, is the 468th day non…

London Perl Workshop 2018 - Report

The night before the event was a tensed night for me as I was still working on my slides. Around 5 am, I got all slides ready and it was time to get ready for the event.
to help the team. I arrived the venue at 7:00 am, however the security said we are allowed only after 7:30 am. So I waited at the reception area for the team. First person
who arrived was Rick Deller with his colleague. We went inside and st…