Map::Tube v3.62 - UPDATE

One thing about Map::Tube that kept annoying me for long time, is not able to format the result of search without bending the back. Let me share the details what I am talking about. Earlier, before v3.62, this is what you would had to do to format the result.
use strict; use warnings;
use Map::Tube::London;

my $map = Map::Tube::London->new;
my $route = $map->get_shortest_route('Baker Street', 'Wembley Park');
print $map->to_json($route);

We have a plugin /var/www/users/mohammad_s_anwar/index.html

Daily CPAN upload chain broke, again !!!

Yesterday was the saddest day for me as the daily CPAN upload chain was broken again. It reminded me of the day when it happened last time when I was on 1027 days. It was the first day of my holiday in India. It was easier to cope with the heartbreak that time as I was with my parents. Like always, I had delegated the uploading task to my younger brother, who lives in Pune, India. But for some reason, he forgot to upload the tarball and when he realised it was too late.

Around 12:15pm yesterday I was about to do routine daily upload to CPAN. I immediately got "Intern…

Monthly Report - April

Last month was mostly dedicated to the "Perl Weekly Challenge". It took most of my spare time and because of that I had to delay my other pet project "London Hack Day". I promise to get it going soon. The "Perl Weekly Challenge" is now settling down quite well. I have had positive feedback so far. We now have 77 active members. It is also becoming popular on Twitter as we now have 117 followers with over 300+

Daily CPAN upload: 600 days

Today is a very special day for me, why? I have now completed 600th day daily upload to CPAN. So what is the big deal? Honestly speaking it is not. Having said that I enjoyed playing this CPAN Game and would like to continue as long as possible. Where did it all started? Well it was one of the blog by Neil Bowers that inspired me and introduced to the fun game. At that I point, I only had handful of modules to work with. I knew I needed lots of distributions to get me going. Nearly a year later, Barbie /var/www/users/mohammad_s_anwar/index.html

Monthly Report - March

March was really busy working on two of my pet projects i.e. "Perl Weekly Challenge" and "London Hack Day". Last couple of weeks spent mostly on setting up web portal for "Perl Weekly Challenge". We are already in the second week of the challenge already. It has been accepted very positively so far. Unfortunately the project "London Hack Day" got neglected little bit because of all these. However I committed to get it going in the next couple of weeks once the "Perl Week…

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