Monthly Report - October

Men Don't Cry.

I must confess I do cry and cry like a baby. It feels nice afterwards, I must say.

Last month was really difficult for me, on personal and professional front. On personal level, I am undergoing therapy for Depression and Anxiety.

On professional front, I missed many things. For the first time, I couldn't take part in Hacktoberfest in the same passion as before.

Another low point, I stopped contr…

Week #081: Common Base Strings & Frequency Sort

Please follow the blog where I discuss the "Common Base Strings" and "Frequency Sort" task of "The Weekly Challenge - 081".

Week #080: Smallest Positive Number & Count Candies

Please follow the blog where I discuss the "Smallest Positive Number" and "Count Candies" task of "The Weekly Challenge - 080".

Monthly Report - September

Time just flies.

Hacktoberfest event is back with a bang. I have to be honest, this time I am not as excited as I used to be.


Well, ever since I decided to go slow on submitting Pull Request, I find it hard to find anything simple and easy to work with. Another reason, I don't spend much time review latest upload on CPAN. Earlier, I would constantly watch every upload on CPAN

Week #079: Count Set Bits & Trapped Rain Water

Please follow the blog where I discuss the "Count Set Bits" and "Trapped Rain Water" task of "The Weekly Challenge - 079".