Year 2017 - Annual Report

Looking back year 2017 brought many sweet moments, both at professional and personal front. On personal front, I have been blessed with twin girls, Aabia & Aania. Raising twins without family support is not easy for me and my wife. I am told to be prepared for more surprises.

On professional front, there have been many positives to talk about. First I completed third consecutive years of CPAN PullRequest Challenge without missing a single month. I hope to carry on with the same spirit in the year 2018.


London Perl Workshop 2017 - Talks Review

About a week ago, I published London Perl Workshop 2017 - Report. In the previous blog, I didn't mention anything about the talks I attended. So this blog would focus more on that. First sorry for late review, no excuse is good enough.

The day started with the talk "The Art of Programming" by DrForr. Honestly speaking, it's not easy topic to talk about. Only DrForr with so much experience can do that with such ease. I enjoyed it watching attende…

London Perl Workshop 2017 - Report

I attended LPW 2017 on Saturday, 25th Nov 2017 at University of Westminster. It was such a great experience. I must admit, it was the best ever I attended so far. So all credit goes to the organizers and sponsors.

This time, I was prepared to give my second talk at London Perl Workshop. The topic of my talk was "Create tube map in 20 minutes using Map::Tube". I was scheduled to give the talk at 10:00AM. However the speaker of the talk just prior to my talk didn't turn up on time for some reason, I was then asked by Sawyer, if I am willing to give my talk earlier than the scheduled tim…

PullRequest - Personal Milestone

On 16th Aug 2017, the CPAN day, I blogged about my plan for the day. In that blog, I also mentioned about my personal milestone, finishing maximum number of months in a calendar year with atleast one PR each day. If I look back historical data, in the year 2015, I had 3 such months (Oct:45, Nov:31, Dec:60).

The following year 2016, doesn't look nice, as I could only get in 1 month (Dec: 77)…

What are you doing on 25th Nov 2017?

Why am I asking this? If you are not aware then I must tell you the much awaited London Perl Workshop is happening next Saturday, 25th Nov 2017. I am looking forward to the event. There are plenty of interesting talks arranged this time. Take a look at the list of talks. If you are planning to attend any particular talk, please register your interest as well. This will help the organiser in scheduling it.

There is one more reason I am excited about the event. I am giving my second talk at London Perl Workshop this year. I feel humbled to …