[ Perl | Raku | The ] Weekly Challenge - 2020

Here is my plan for 2020:


Monthly Report - October

October has been always the busiest month of the year for one annual event Hacktoberfest. However this time, we have had London Perl Workshop annual event as well. On top of all these, I have had to manage Perl Weekly Challenge. I have been participating Hacktoberfest since 2015. It was first introduced to me by Neil Bowers. Last year, I contributed 155 Pull Requests in the month of October. Having done this, I never thought …

London Perl Workshop 2019 - Report

DISCLAIMER: All photos courtesy to the official twitter handle of London Perl Workshop.

As you know, LPW2019 just happened last Saturday 19th Oct 2019. It was my second year as a member of LPW Organizing team. Although I was the least active members in the team as compared to others. On the day, I arrived the venue around 8:10 am and saw Katherine, Tom and Lee unloading event materials from the cab. I joined the team and gave helping hands. I was managing the registra…

Monthly Report - September

What did I do last month? Let me guess, the short answer would be "I was managing Perl Weekly Challenge". Although it sounds so simple, it is tough task, I must admit. Having said that, I really enjoy it. I get to interact with so many great people and learn from their experience. Above all, when I receive "Thank You" message, that takes away all the pain. I simply love the positive vibes I get from each and every member of the community.

I noticed a trend in "Perl Wee…

Hacktoberfest with Perl Weekly Challenge

Hacktoberfest 2019 is going to be the first event since the launch of the Perl Weekly Challenge. Dave Cross recently suggested doing Perl Weekly Challenge in the month of October would be enough to earn specially designed T-shirt from Digital Ocean.

I must confess, it didn't cross my mind. Thanks Dave Cross for the suggestions. Taking the cue from Dave Cr…