CPAN Pull Request: Mission (Im)possible 2018

I remember the first distribution Plack::Middleware::Session, I received after joining the "Pull Request Challenge" by Neil Bowers in the January 2015. I was so nervous thinking about what to do with the distribution that I have never used before. I didn't want to embarrass myself in the very first month of the challenge. Somehow I prepared my first PR #25 and received positive response from the author. I must admit that the first year of PRC was very tough for me. I could only just manage to submit atleast one PR…

What after the Pull Request Challenge?

Ever since Neil Bowers decided he would stop the "PullRequest Challenge" at the end of the year 2018 in this blog, I have been thinking over time what next after. He even wrote a blog about his ideas.

I am kind of addicted to this phenomena by now. I can't think of life without it. I then noticed someone called, Kıvanç Yazan, taking the initiative. He even setup a website…

20th German Perl Workshop - Report

First time ever attended Perl Workshop outside of London. The 20th German Perl Workshop was held in Gummersbach this year, 3rd-7th Apr.

Day 1 (3rd Apr 2018)
I reached Koln/Bonn airport around 6pm as expected time. I saw Roland, Andreas and one more guy (forgot his name) came to pick me up. I wasn't expecting anyone to be very honest. It was really sweet of GPW for all the help. Julian was also arriving around 6:40pm, we decided to wait for him as well. From the airport, we went to the pub where the rest of gang already enjoying each other…

London Perl Monger - Tech Meet #1

Last Thursday, I attended the London Perl Mongers Tech Meet at the Zoopla. This was my second time attending tech meet. I must say this was better than the previous meet, in many ways. First there were more people this time than compare to the last one, I attended. Second, this time talk was more Perl-ish. And last but not the least, plenty of food and drinks, thanks to all the sponsors.

Now lets talk about the meet itself. The first talk "Perl6 Signatures" was by Simon Proctor. It was interesting and precise. Nice slides with examples. The second talk "Line of Succession" was by Dave…

Year 2017 - Annual Report

Looking back year 2017 brought many sweet moments, both at professional and personal front. On personal front, I have been blessed with twin girls, Aabia & Aania. Raising twins without family support is not easy for me and my wife. I am told to be prepared for more surprises.

On professional front, there have been many positives to talk about. First I completed third consecutive years of CPAN PullRequest Challenge without missing a single month. I hope to carry on with the same spirit in the year 2018.