Perl Weekly Challenge - FAQ

Here I compiled the questions that have been asked by people on Twitter and by email. If I missed anything then please correct me. I will put this FAQ on the official online portal with the launch.

Q) When is the launch date for the "Perl Weekly Challenge"?
A) It is going public with the first challenge on 25th March 2019.

Q) How can I join the "Perl Weekly Challenge"?
A) You just send one line email to However we would like you to tell us about yourself in couple of lines e.g. your preferred choice o…

My Twin Projects

Perl Weekly Challenge

I have created dedicated email account for the group i.e. so that I no longer have to use my personal email. Second I created a twitter account to spread the word about the forthcoming challenges i.e. @PerlWChallenge. If you are active on Twitter, I request you to please follow the twitter account and spread the word.… - First Tech Meet of the year 2019

Last Thursday, 28th February 2019, London Perl Mongers group organised first Tech Meet of the year 2019. Thanks to Zoopla for giving us space to hold the meet. Also for Pizzas and drinks.

In the past, I never made any effort to attend the Tech Meet. On 9th November 2017, I attended my first Tech Meet. It was to meet and greet Neil Bowers as the invitation had his name as one of the speakers. I blogged about it. Ever …

Monthly Report - February

February had been much better than January in many ways. First, I didn't get any cold or flu and second I finally got my hand dirty for the first time with Perl 6. For me it is a big thing, I have been planning to do for more than a year now. It was one tweet that put everything in place, thanks to JJ Merelo and Simon Proctor. I must thank all the experts in Perl 6 IRC channel for all the help so far. It has been only one week and I already submit handful of PR to Perl 6 code base. I even joined the Perl 6 Git…

Hello Perl6

Ever since I received "Think Perl 6" book as a gift by Neil Bowers at the London Perl Workshop 2017, I have been planning to start learning Perl6 without any luck. I can think of many reasons why. One of the reasons was my confusion where to start. First I thought, I will start from the basics but then I easily get distracted if I don't have a target. Then I realised why not pick one of my Perl5 distributions and convert it into Perl6. That sounded great idea.

I tweeted about my intention and asked for help. Immediately two people kin…

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