Hacktoberfest 2017 - Report

One of my favourites annual event that I always look forward to is "Hacktoberfest". This was introduced to me by Neil Bowers in the year 2015. Since then I never missed once. It is so fun, if you are looking constantly for any low hanging issues to grab. GitHub has helped me a lot in this. As most of you are aware, Hacktoberfest is an annual event where you are encouraged to submit at least 4 Pull Requests in the month of October against any project hosted by GitHub. There is a free gift as well, who completes the challenge, which is a specially designed T-shirt delivered to your address for free anywhere in the world. You are free to pick any projects you like hosted on GitHub. No points for guessing my choice of projects, CPAN-related distributions. In my first year 2015, I submitted 45 Pull Requests and received my free T-shirt. The following year 2016, I submitted 12 Pull Requests in the month of October and received my second consecutive free T-shirt. Here comes the year 2017, I just finished the challenge and submitted 40 Pull Requests and waiting for the newly designed T-shirt. I wear them proudly in office every now and then on Friday as the dress code is relaxed on the day. Looking forward to my next year challenge.

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