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You Tried HOW MANY Times?

OK, the tag “worst Perl” might be overstating the case, but we ran into a funny error message yesterday from a program that runs on all of our production equipment. As each lot is tracked into a piece of equipment, the program running on it contacts our MES (manufacturing execution system…

Not Comparing The Way You Meant

Here’s another example of code taken, terrifyingly, from a script that a contractor was paid cash money to write. The contractor’s code included a script to remote into another system and perform a command. Most systems required ssh, but we had some older systems that required rsh instead. So the contractor made a configuration file that contained c…

Swapping Things

So we all know the COMPSCI 101 method of swapping two variables:
  $tmp = $x; $x = $y; $y = $tmp;/users/morandimus/worst-perl/index.html

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