How I learnt Perl despite the bad press

By bad press I mean, "Perl is an unreadable language ... you should not use it"

I use perl for sys admin stuff and prototyping some pretty lame ideas.

some observations
For the beginners, perl on the tubes has two presses

  1. perl is difficult to learn because of all the "rules", "different contexts", edge cases along with the above bad press
  2. perl is easy to pick up because with a minimum amount of concepts you can write successful programs

And some pretty long fucking answers

People of the perl land, when some one asks - should I learn perl ? | is perl difficult to learn?, just say

"yes and perl programmers will gladly help you learn it"

how i learnt it
perldoc, the perl test suite and the perl cookbook

The perl test suite helped me quite a bit. Any irritating syntax doubts directly got clarified. And not just the perl syntax, but each module comes with a test suite which is awesome since I can see the api in action.

That's how I got to learn baby perl.

I bought the camel book. After that I grew more confidence in my scripts and began thinking out aloud in perl.


I suppose you're talking about my answer in that Stackoverflow thread. It's not at all long, and it's actually quite short considering the number of topics I address.

But, I never answered the question "Should I learn Perl?".

Another good resource to learn what to do in Perl (and what not to do) is Perl-Begin - The Perl Beginners' Site along with the various resources linked from there. Unfortunately, it hasn't gained a lot of maintstream acceptance, but I'm still maintaining it.

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