Different things should look different is not a natural language principle.

TL;DR version
"Perl has many \@grammar."
Perl is inspired from english fucking grammar, *not* english fucking language.

You see what Ich did there ? I used the word "fucking" two times. In both instances, I placed it between two different words. The communicated result is free fucking emphasis.

The idea of adding *fucking* in between two words for emphasis is a very interesting principle.

my fucking lunch.
my fucking life.
bang fucking bang.

The fact that it can be placed between two arbitrary words is *important*.

In fact, the idea of using '*' around words is also similar to THE idea of emphasis.

In the first case, we used infix notation and in the second case we use the circumflex notation.

And that my dear world, is a grammatical principle. It is a structural principle. It is a generative principle. It's inorganic chemical experiments for alphabets to do interesting things.

The above paragraph is also a good principled use of flowing rhetoric principle in prose. It has a formula like ring to it. It has a mechanicity to it. It has a repetitive emphasis embedded in it. It has a increasing wave like quality to it. It can be used for a surprise ending too !

Larry wall uses this principle in his talks, to a very good effect.

Tangent Begin

Why does markdown feel more natural to write than html ?

Tangent End

Perl borrows from english grammar, latin grammar, c grammar, shell grammar, sed grammar, lisp grammar, awk grammar, mathematical grammar

Why ? Why ? Why ? borrow from grammar in the first place ?

Because adding strokes of regularity to arbitrary noise is an interesting approach to language design.

Mathematicians always priced this. The price, people pay for learning mathematics is time.

The end result is, notation used as a tool for thought.

Whether it be the line noi###e of regex, cryptic pointer syntax ( or (lispy parens) or good indentation ... if you don't change yourStyleOfThinking, you r doing it X.

Because perl has taken maximum advantage of this principle, you actually don't read perl difficultly.

use strict, sometimes thats the only way to learn these precious things.

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