Why I dislike frameworks

Frameworks are like declarative programming systems built over a language. They are not general, and they don't always tell you this, which is _clever marketing_ on their parts.

I have been burned by _clever marketing_ enough number of times so as to hate them.

Declarative systems are good, but when they are bad it's terrible. And they are not refactoring friendly, but copy paste friendly.

For me declarative programming languages/systems are hard to learn, because the "generality" is lost by the jump to declarative programming. Declarative programming languages are just one workaround piled over another, over another, over another ...... ad nauseum.

Look at the evolution of html ! It's beautiful to look at but what is underneath is terrifying. That's the same for every framework.

But why are jquery or Moose, which describe themselves are frameworks, so good to use ?

Here is my 2 cents worth.

1) They are not frameworks that dictate the program flow, but they are facad's s that _simply_ your workflow.
2) They do one thing and one thing well
3) I think the word toolkit better suit's them.

The same is equally valid for the new breed of web frameworks like Mojolicious, Symphony2, Sinatra Hope they takeover web development than what is out there.


Out of (mostly personal) curiosity - what is your opinion on SQL de-haters? (DBIx::Class, RoseDB, Fey and other efforts in this line)

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