Can I just say

How cool is? There. I've said it.

Hats off to all involved.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I've only known you for a few months defined-or but if you leave me know you'll take away the biggest part of me.

State vars, lexical $_, smart matching and switch statements are all wonderful as well.

A big thank-you to all you perl 5.1x contributors out there.

Modern Perl: Are You A Dedicated Follower Of Fashion?

jared recently took considered - if mischievous - aim at the Modern Perl crusade:

A recent post from chromatic was the inspiration:

I'd go further.

No amount of automati…

Sense & Maintainability

There is empirical evidence that Perl is an inherently maintainable language. The Software Productivity Research group have published 2 comprehensive surveys of programmer productivity across different languages and problem domains. One was published in 1996, the other in 2006. The results in both are consistent - for overall perl productivity scores & when perl is compared against other popular languages.

Function points were used as the data collection method and the survey covered the whole dev lifecycle. The actual…


I like dispatch tables. Which means I use this kind of thing quite a bit:


if exists $dispatch{$pieces_of_state};

Does that sub-routine call look ugly? I suspect it does. It would look nicer in javascript for sure:


But how much difference does the syntax really make? I understand the impulse to make perl look more like Haskell but I doubt very much that the extra noise from the sigils ma…

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