Having fun with Perl and PDL: predicting github contribution calendar, GitInsight

Premise : this is my first time using PDL

Lately i had the chance to put my hands on PDL, i was glad to discover that it's awesome! I come from a matlab/octave and Mathematica background, at first was a bit difficult to dig thru the PDL equivalents functions and i have to admit that PyMC has some fancy stuff that require a lot of code to implement in PDL and i wanted to borrow in that case.

Google@Home - Remote Control of your home

Google@Home aim is to let control your home in your own way: could be with android device or for example your voice, with the feature of an easy installation on every kind of device that have GPIO inteface and could run Linux.

This is an example of environment setup:

Let's suppose that we are an electronic/computer enthusiast that want to enhance our home with some domotics control, but in non-expansive way. Then probably our choise would be to take some RaspberryPi and relay boards, then link the relayboards to the interested points (shutters, lights, dim li…

Reverse proxy with Mojolicious

This is my first post to the perl community also if i play with perl since a long time. In have more web-apps in an internal network that needed a virtual name dispatcher, i could use nginx or apache mod_proxy but was very odd to me that wasn't a perl software that do that job easily and less painful.
After a little search i found Mojolicious::Plugin::Proxy but did…

About mudler

user-pic started learning perl since i was 12, i still love/hate it. Love because you can do whatever you want with it and now i use it everyday for every task