Google@Home - Remote Control of your home

Google@Home aim is to let control your home in your own way: could be with android device or for example your voice, with the feature of an easy installation on every kind of device that have GPIO inteface and could run Linux.

This is an example of environment setup:

Let's suppose that we are an electronic/computer enthusiast that want to enhance our home with some domotics control, but in non-expansive way. Then probably our choise would be to take some RaspberryPi and relay boards, then link the relayboards to the interested points (shutters, lights, dim lights, etc...) we plan to control: maybe a raspberry for floor it's enough, maybe not, but that doesn't matter. Then we install G@H and we can control those points using the voice, web interface, or even mobile device.

The entire system is written in Perl and it's open source in the actual state the voice/network features are working, but is prototypal, some features are implemented, others need to be properfully designed (there is a list on the repository); for now you can setup some agents and a master: you speak to the microphone at an agent and the master compute the answer.
The master takes the requests of agent's nodes, process them in a unique interface and send a reply back, so you will talk to the same Entity but you can ask things in parallel in different places on the house/infrastructure.
sox and ffmpeg dependencies makes this a non pure-perl solution.

This post is meant to have some sorta of feedback by the community, every contribution, pull request, suggestion and good criticism is really welcome.

You can find more information about the project here and at my blog here.

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