Updates to five of my CPAN reviews

I've updated five of my CPAN reviews, adding new modules and updating where new versions of modules have been released.

I've added the ability to comment at the end of each review, using disqus. Following a suggestion from Ben Bullock, module names in the summary table now link to the review section for the module, and there's a separate link for the module's doc.

Modules for generating passwords:
  • Added module Session::Token, which is much faster than the other modules, and takes random number generation seriously.
  • A new version of App::Genpass - switched from Mouse to Moo, which made it a bit faster.
  • A new version of Crypt::XkcdPassword, contains new wordlist EN::Roget, which addresses some of the issues I raised.
Modules for locating an IP address:
Modules for spelling numbers in English:
  • Added Lingua::EN::Inflect. This is a thorough and flexible module, which does a lot more besides spelling out numbers.
  • Latest version of Lingua::EN::Numbers (though the release had documentation changes only).
Modules for parsing User-Agent strings
Modules for defining constants

Updates to the other two reviews will come, but I've got quite a few modules to add to both, so they'll be a while yet.


Modules for spelling numbers in English: Latest version of Lingua::EN::Numbers (though the release had documentation changes only).

Could you change the reviews so that the link on the module name in the list at the top of the page takes one to the review, rather than to CPAN?

Hi Neil

It's more work - like many of my suggestions, sorry! - but I'd like to see reviews linked to each other. So perhaps a table near the start(?) of each listing all the other reviews you've done?

Might I suggest you change (or remove entirely) the portion of the Geo::IPfree section that reads "but since the distribution was last updated in June 2011"?

Thanks, it is much easier to read that page with the links to the headings.

Hi Neil

A link to the review index page would be enough I'd say.

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