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Creating a perl developer survey

Having seen the Javascript developer survey, I thought that Perl should have one (there was one in 2010).

Here's my current list of questions. I've got these in a Google docs form, but won't show the options for each question.
  • Is Perl your primary development language?
  • What level of Perl experience would you give yourself?
  • How long have you been programming in Perl?
  • What version(s) of Perl do your systems run on?
  • Is program…

Identifying CPAN distributions you could help out with

The other day Andy Lester posed a question Where can someone find Perl modules to contribute to? My first answer was to look at the dists with the most bugs. I continued thinking about it, wondering how you could identify a module that is ripe for help.

This post outlines my next idea, and the top 20 dists based on my first implementation.

Please provide an abstract for posts to

When writing on, you can provide the first paragraph or two as an abstract, with the rest of your post as the "extended" body. In this post I'll try and convince you that doing this is more considerate of the readership, and good for you too!

Perl case studies

I've often thought it would be interesting and useful to read about how various companies are using Perl. Richard Jelinek's talks at LPW 2012 have encouraged me to see whether (a) there's enough general interest in this to make it worth while, and (b) I/we can kick-start it. In this post I'll outline what I'm currently thinking about, to get feedback.

Visually graphing module dependencies

I've just released the first version of prereq-grapher, a script which generates the dependency graph for a module or script in any of the formats supported by Graph::Easy. The functionality lives in App::PrereqGrapher, which in turn uses Perl::PrereqScanner to extract dependencies.

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