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One of my next reviews is going to be web frameworks. I've posted my current plans on my new blog, where I'll be recording progress as I work through the review. I plan to implement the same application in each of the main frameworks I review, but would also be happy if others want to join in.


I forked CGI::Application after my large set of patches was not integrated for over a year, so the new kid on the block is CGI::Snapp. It effectively makes CGI::App obsolete, and is almost-but-not-quite backward-compatible. Unlike CGI::App my module has built in logging if you wish to use it, and which I find is a marvellous debugging tool.

If you write a basic app, I'll convert it to use CGI::Snapp for your review results.

There are many aspects to such a task, and I'd suggest explicitly limiting the scope of the project.

For instance, there is this list of
URL routing modules. I'd suggest not including them in these reviews, even though some frameworks include such features by default.

Likewise, running the code within it's own environment, in under Plack, or as a straight CGI script needs to be noted in each case, without trying to evaluate those environments!

I tried to submit this via your blog, but after logging in via Disqus I did not get a Submit button, and clicking on the -> just generates an error re missing email address. That really is a massive pain. What's the secret?

Check out - we're sort of the new (old kids) on the block.

The code is getting a bit of an overhaul, but the essence of a useful templating engine with deeply embedded Perl hooks might be compelling to some people that see the potential and like to tinker.

Once you've got the details of the app worked out, I might have a go at implementing it minus any frameworks, running on plain old Plack.

If you could make a direct link to on your new blog, it would help to find it. I was just surprised that it was not there and needed to go over tag-search (reviews) and then find the link in an article... luckily

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