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CPAN candidates for adoption

Following on from a blog post here last year, I've come up with an improved measure for identifying CPAN distributions that are potential candidates for adoption. I've put a list of the top 1000 adoption candidates online, and you can read more about the scoring measure on my blog. What else could I factor into the score?

Update: I've had lots of good feedback, and am working on the next v…

Make me do some work, via Questhub!

I'm on a quest to fix up the Changes file for at least 10 distributions on CPAN. For every additional 'like' I get on my quest, I'll fix up another dist. This was inspired by a recent entry on the CPAN Testers blog, which mentioned Brian Cassidy's CPAN::Changes Kwalitee Service. The service shows how many dists have conforming Changes files, and results for recent uploads.

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