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Tool tip: looking at a module's source

I've got a script for looking at locally installed modules, used thusly:

I use this a lot, since I often find myself wanting to check exactly what a module is doing, either to learn from it, because the doc isn't clear, or I have reason not to trust the doc, or curiosity, or ...

Here's the script:

    /usr/bin/view `mpath $*`

view is a symlink to vim, and mpath comes with my ="https://metacpan.org/pod/Module::Pa…

The CPAN Report 2013

The CPAN Report is a review of CPAN and related activity in 2013. The headlines:

  • 844 people signed up for a new PAUSE account
  • 2840 new dists were released
  • In total, 7440 dists were released
  • 22% of dists saw a release in 2013
  • RJBS released the most dists (230)
  • SHARYANTO made the most releases (769)

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