Please blog about YAPC::EU!

If you're at YAPC::EU, please blog about the conference and your experience, and preferably do that before the end of this weekend: (1) the thoughts are still fresh in your mind, and we'll get your raw unedited thoughts, and (2) you stand a better chance of getting a mention in PerlWeekly :-)

Once you've published your blog post, tweet about it with the #yapceu and #perl hashtags — that will increase your audience. For extra credit, please add a link to your blog post on the list of blog posts.

What should you write about? Here are some ideas.

  • What talks did you attend, and what did you think of them? (be respectful, please)
  • What things did you learn?
  • What things surprised or excited you? Were there any moments when you thought "hey, I never thought about that!"
  • Who stood out as great speakers, and why?
  • What things are you fired up to do as a result of going?
  • What about the people?
  • What was the Perl 6 vibe?
  • What non-Perl things did you see / hear? Should there more more or less non-perl stuff?
  • What's the one that that speakers could improve on?

Thinking about the conference itself:

  • Talk about the venue, the organisation, any side events, and general logistics
  • What things worked well?
  • What suggestions do you have for people running next year's YAPC::EU to make it even better?

If doesn't need to be long. Maybe you just write one or two paragraphs on the one talk that really inspired you.

Why bother?

  • For those of us unable to attend, reading your blog posts is a way to vicariously experience YAPC::EU.
  • You might encourage people to attend next year's conference.
  • It helps "make noise" about the conference, which may encourage sponsors.
  • Anything I've missed?

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