What talks would you like to see (at LPW)?

This post was originally going to be an exhortation to potential speakers, to take the plunge and submit a proposal to the London Perl Workshop. I thought I could list some generic types of talks.

Then I realised I'm not entirely sure what kind of talks everyone is going to want to attend. So instead, I'm asking you, particularly if you're going to be at the LPW:

What talks would you be interested in attending?

Lessons learned developing modules? Comparisons of similar modules? How to use specific modules (which ones?)? Do's and Don'ts when developing with Perl (frameworks)? Experiences transitioning from Perl 5 to Perl 6, or vice versa?

Please add comments with the kind of talks you're interested in, as that might encourage people to submit talk proposals.

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I always like talks about perl in a modern envionment...so one talk introduced me to Angular (with perl as the backend) and I went on to use that framework at work.

I do like to hear which modules are the backbone and are being used now in 2016, and which ones have become less used and are less supported.

Would love to hear more theory on perl6 about Grammars and the bleeding edge stuff that it is meant to be bringing...what's the blue sky ideas about perl 6...what will computing be like in the future from a perl 6 point of view?

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