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The Toolchain Summit is only possible with support from our sponsors

The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) started yesterday (Thursday 11th May) in Lyon, France. 35 dedicated toolchain developers have assembled for four days of intensive discussions and co-working. Not only does a lot get done in these four days, but we send everyone home with longer todo lists, fired up to keep working on them.

The developers come from around the world, and we're only available to do this with the generous support of all of our sponsors. You've seen individual posts for our Platinum and Gold sponsors, but in this post we'd like to tell you about our other sponsors. If you get the chance, please thank them: all Perl developers benefit from this summit.

Specifying dependencies for your CPAN distribution

In this article I'm going to show you how to specify dependencies for your CPAN distributions: the other Perl and CPAN modules that your distribution relies on. This is the fourth article in a series. The first article gave a general introduction to distribution metadata. The second article introduced the five phases for which dependencies, or prerequisites, can be specified. The third article presented the types, or relationships, that can be specified for each dependency.

This article is brought to you by cPanel, Inc., a Gold sponsor for the Perl Toolchain Summit. cPanel are a well-known user and supporter of Perl, and we're very grateful for their support. More about cPanel at the end of this article.

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