More intelligent searches in Geo::Coder::Free - part 2

Being lazy, I thought to myself, "when using the web interface, why should I need to add my country to the query?". So, using CGI::Lingua which is already available via the VWF system used to build the site, you longer need to do that. From the US, try this:

curl ',+Bethesda,+MD'

With VWF it was a minor change:

$rc = $geocoder->geocode(location => $q);

if(!defined($rc)) {

if(my $country = $self->{_lingua}->country()) {

$rc = $geocoder->…

More intelligent searches in Geo::Coder::Free

I'm keen to work on more "intuitive" searches for Geo::Coder::Free. It occurred to me, for example, when looking for a local favourite watering hole of mine, that I wouldn't be likely to search for "Rock Bottom Restaurant, Norfolk Ave, Bethesda, MD, USA". Instead, I'd be much more likely to search for "Rock Bottom, Bethesda, MD, USA'.

So I've added support for that. As a proof of concept, I only work on Restaurants, however the Whos On First data includes a (admittedly unsupported field) of sg:classifier which I should be able to use for a more wide support. What that means is tha…

Building a Geo-Coding Database and Website

OK, so this is my first ever public blog, so be patient with me.

I've written a few Perl related Genealogy programs including gedcom ( and ged2site ( One of the things that these do is to check the validity of your family tree, and one of those tasks is to verify place-names. Of course places do change names and spelling becomes more consistent over the years, but the vast majority remain the same. Enoug…