So who knew...

I'm currently working with extracting data from a system with an XML based command UI, so I am fairly often dumping serialised (using Data::Dump) perl objects out whilst debugging.
To make the piles of debug output easier for me to parse I pushed the files through Perl::Tidy.
You would not believe how long it takes, or how much memory is required, to run 110MB of perl datastructure dumps through perltidy!
Actually I don't know how long or how much memory it took either - I killed it after half an hour and 3GB.
I mean, who knew! :-)


This is something that I end up doing quite frequently so I wrote Data::Dumper::Perltidy.

That won't help you with 110MB data dumps though.

How tidy do you want it? I find Data::Dumper::Concise usually does the right thing.

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