Working For Bletchley Park

This might not seem like a perl blog post. However it is...
Back in the second world war Bletchley Park was the focus of the allied code breaking operations, and the equipment and techniques devised there were the direct ancestors of modern computers and algorithms.
Perl builds on foundations laid at Bletchley.
After the war the role of Bletchley was treated as a state secret, and to the shame of the UK the whole history and site was allowed to crumble; only in the last few years have serious efforts been made to preserve the site and its history, but more work and money is still needed.
So, if you are in the area, why not visit Bletchley.
And, if, like me, you have a good career in computing, why not consider donating something back to the birth place of the modern computer.
At least 100 others have joined me and pledged 1 day's salary to the Bletchley Park Trust - we would love it if you could join us.
You can find more details at or donate at

1 Comment - My Grandfather (Who I was named after, but never met) worked at bletchley park during the war.

It's a worthy cause.

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