Learning Perl, 6th Edition book review most popular of 2011

The "Learning Perl, 6th edition" book review had the distinction of being iProgrammer's most popular review of 2011, between more than 250 reviews on a vast variety of subjects with thousands of reads each, but the Perl review reached top spot with 10,800 reads (figure untill 29/12/2011)

Perl's threading model,not that bad afterall

I've been checking the latest developments in the new C++ standard, C++11, and noticed that it now has support for thread local storage.

It adopts a "hybrid" approach; sharing by default but also using TLS slots for storing globals with thread scope
This reminded me that the last .NET version has an option like that
"New in .NET 4.5: ThreadLocal.Values"
as well as the "It's Not Always Nice To Share" article which concludes that it is better to…