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My Dist::Zilla and git/GitHub workflow

There has been a bit of discussion recently on the #distzilla IRC channel about how people are integrating their CPAN distribution development with Git, and in particular some of the Dist::Zilla Git plugin(s). I thought it might contribute to a useful discussion if I show how I have things set up.

Like many, I want to host my code on GitHub and then periodically pub…

AskPerl: The Back-Compat Dilemma

Gentle reader, I need your advice.

Some years ago I created the Net::Appliance::Session Perl module. It allows the user to automate interactions with CLI-based networked devices (think routers, switches) - a sort of Expect but with some helpful domain knowledge. The module has turned out to be quite popular (which is important to my story), in use by many organisations.

There is a shopping-list of problems with the code, though, which makes both bug-fixing and feature development really hard. I've been planni…

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