So close, so close ...

It appears that, at long last, we'll get a proper blogging platform! With syntax highlighting:

    sub add_to_list {
        my ( $self, $text ) = @_;
        return unless defined $text;
        $text = $self->interpolate($text);

        # This horror of horrors is because we want simple lists to be single
        # spaced, unless there are further details after the =item line, in which
        # case an extra newline is needed for pleasant formatting.
        my $break = '';
        if ( $self->list_data =~ /\n.ITEM\n.*\n$/ && $text !~ /^.ITEM/ ) {
            $break = "\n";
        $self->list_data( $self->list_data . "$break$text" );

And we even have images! (Not that they're helping this post look any better.

And if you look down below, you even see tags :)

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