Currently I'm trying to convert our work test suite over to Test::Aggregate::Nested. This is an alternative to Test::Aggregate which is much cleaner internally and relies on nested TAP, available in the latest versions of the Test::Simple distribution. Using it is pretty simple:

use Test::Aggregate::Nested;

my $tests = Test::Aggregate::Nested->new( {
    dirs => $aggregate_test_dir,
} );

There are a few more features I need to hack in, but two nice advantages this provides are:

  1. The restriction on __END__ and __DATA__ tokens goes away.
  2. "Variable will not stay shared" warnings go away.

Regrettably, it turns out that I've introduced a regression in Test::Aggregate itself. Apparently, "no_plan" tests don't work correctly, but this may be the nasty hacks to the Perl internals which Test::Aggregate relies upon. Fortunately, the nested version minimizes those hacks quite a bit.

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