Committed to Testing (by accident)

I recently moved to a new BBC team (if we go down, iPlayer goes down too) and am getting used to working in a different environment with different tools. One issue is that certain tools I'm used to working with are not available (Test::Most being the most noticeable) and getting them added to all environments is a bit bureaucratic (all things considered, shipping new tools should be treated with more caution at many shops than it tends to be). Thus, when I accidentally merged to trunk with a test which contained Test::Most, I was embarrassed.

That's when the rather obvious answer occurred to me. I don't want to accidentally commit use of that module, but it's easy to do. Thus, here's how I do it safely:

  eval <<'  END';
  use Carp::Always;
  use Test::Most 'die';

I won't be happy if I commit that, but at least it won't break anyone's build. It will just won't alter the behavior for those who don't have these modules installed.

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