Dear Recruiters

To any and all recruiters who might stumble across this blog entry, here's a useful tip: be courteous.

I'm not looking for work, but I certainly understand why you contact me on LinkedIn or via referrals. That's how you make your money and while some people I know loathe any contact from you, I shrug it off as a fact of life. I am contacted by enough recruiters that I don't remember all of you, but there is one group of you I strive to remember. The email exchange almost always go like this:

You: I have a great opportunity that I think is perfect for you.
Me: I'm not looking for work, but if I were, here are my minimum requirements.
You: ... crickets chirping ...

Excuse me? I admit the fact that I'm not looking for work is not appealing to you. I also admit the fact that the "great opportunity" as a junior developer doesn't fit me. I don't, however, accept that you can initiate a conversation and then not so much as acknowledge my reply once you realize that the huge pay cut you tried to entice me with isn't enticing.

I do remember your name and when you contact me again, I'll remind you why I won't do business with you.

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