I really wish more people would post here. I don't want this to be Ovid + the rest of the Perl community. I feel bad about the number of posts I make because I feel like I'm almost dominating this blog.

In other news, I've discovered that using GraphViz and star charts is harder than I thought.


A lot of people went off and set up their own blogs when the Iron Man challenge got started. If this site had been available before, I suspect it would have attracted more bloggers.

I am sure it will pick up. It started off rocky and some people are probably just waiting to make sure it is a stable platform.

I think all is cool. Your posts are interesting, and other folks will post when they have something to say.

Right now I'm tied up documenting a CPAN module (Marpa), but in coming days, I hope to blog a lot. I hope readers find my posts as worthwhile as yours.

I have to point out, I don't think I was motivated to write as much as I do now when I used to be back at

Blogging here just seems so much fun. :)

Hopefully more people move here or open new blogs here and feel comfortable to blog.

Don't worry, things like this take time to catch on. In terms of number of readers, I'm sure there's no shortage of interest.

I assume there is no restriction on what we blog about? Not that I am going to write about my cats or anything (they are pretty cute though) but I kept wanting to make some posts on some database work I had done or some javascript something but it had absolutely nothing to do with Perl so I didn't end up posting it here. Perhaps others are doing the same?


Go ahead and write about anything you want to. This is primarily a blogging place for the Perl community, rather than merely a place to blog about Perl.

There hasn’t been any real discussion about what types of content we don’t or do want, but I’d be fairly lax about it and I assume so are most of the people involved. Personally I wouldn’t like if the site became overly promotional/commercial in its content. The general ambience I’d want is a fairly familial one where people who have contact with Perl code write any personal anecdotes they feel like sharing in such a place. (As you can see this is fairly nebulously defined.) Most of the time they’ll probably have to do with Perl, but just by the nature of the site, not due to any enforced standard or policy.

(And no, there’s no way to edit comments, just like on use.perl. I’m of two minds about it being enabled. Maybe we should discuss that on the list.)

Oh, and nice to have you. :-)


You have plenty of worthwhile stuff to say or ask. Don’t be shy. :-)

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